In bone chilling winter Indian army kills three teens in self defence

Conflicts at glance: From Syria to Kashmir

By Dr Irshad Muntazir

Syria is a battle ground which has witnessed the civilian massacres, the mass refugees, destruction and blood bath. It has now entered in a new zone engulfing Turkey at northern Syria, with Kurdish insurgents playing as US proxies.

With the emerging threat Turkey has been forced to launch OPETATION OLIVE BRANCH in order to thwart the Kurdish insurgency. In this operation the resultant confrontation with America can’t be ruled out.

Meanwhile, with these denova developments, Russia is crying for restraint from all parties along the Syrian border in order to safeguard its military base in Syria, rhetoric?

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Rightly the US and its allied NATO members, Russia, Iran are again in fray locking the horns for geo strategic interests, the only changes visible as of now seems to be battlefield, the names of proxies, the multilateral ISIS whose genesis and downfall is still a global talk may be well replaced by YPG militia group, knowingly ISIS became the nucleus of Syrian destruction in the hands of world powers.

Can YPG unfold the new mysteries in Turkey?

Only time will tell if the actual forthcoming diplomatic cum military approach of these so called cold war siblings who are known to fight in the backyard of other countries at the cost of the lives of civilian population. Yes one can look forward for the  shift in an on-ground proxies in the form of branded Islamic terror group ISIS to more NATIONALIST YPG still its impact on Muslims world across will depend upon how the global media will portray them on prime time and on front pages.

Meanwhile, the old aged south Asian conflicts are taking new shape; the Doklam standoff between China and India had brought international recognition to Koshur word KANIJUNG. As China is emerging as an alternative megastar in world economy, and is pushing its currency YAWN as a new substitute to DOLLAR in world market via OBOR (one belt one road) -CPEC projects resulted in prolonging of Afghanistan US military invasion.

The failure of US in Afghanistan and its prolongation of military stay over there has been painted  in White House by military aid stopage to Pakistan on the  charges of “lies and deceit ” just to achieve the dual objectives of neutralizing the China’s upcoming  footprints across the globe , and fertilizing the US-India startup in the next levels of diplomacy.

The cold weather of Switzerland has witnessed the bollywood Shahrukh Khan being awarded for his philanthropic work for women and child rights in India at world economic forum. With the growing right wing radicalization and minority isolation, and the Prime Minister Narendra Modi placing the historic economic reforms in the form of demonetisation and GST, the foreign investments at Bombay foreign exchanges are drying , the davos was the perfect stage for urging and procuring for  foreign corporate investments in India at world forum, the results of this trade mark Modi  hugglomacy has to be seen, though one has to accept which has already  achieved some of its foreign policy results.

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Back home as chilaikalan (winter season) has failed to break the dry spell of bone chilling winters, the Indian army had killed three teens in self defence adding a new chapter in the bloody history of Kashmir conflict, marooned the soil. The Hurriyat under the banner of JRL issues the protest call, mainstream key political players condemning the incident, social media intellectuals are mourning the incident in its own way, internet speed dying, and magisterial probe ordered with time bound inquiry.

How long it will continue…

The reflections in this article are of the authors own. He is a post graduate scholar in the department of OBG SKIMS and can be reached at 

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