Must Read: Reply To The Reply Replied To FB Post Of Kashmiri Girl Humiliated By Some Boys

Lecture for women but what for boys.

Liah Qureshi

Dear Ummi Salma and Azhar Imtiyaz.

Read your reply (in News Despatch) to the girl’s post that she published on Facebook (the girl wearing jeans who was humiliated by some filthy minded boys).

Great… what ever you said.. each word was right.. But don’t you think you missed the main point. The boys harassing a girl.

Let us assume a girl is walking down a street and she is wearing almost nothing.. How does it give the right to anybody to harass her, to use bad words against her. Kashmir being a Muslim majority makes you think the girl is a Muslim and you started your speech on Islam and dressing, I’m absolutely fine with it. BUT WHAT IF THE GIRL WAS A NON MUSLIM.

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It is ones individual choice how he/she follows his/her religion. It’s between that person and Allah. What if you find a non Muslim girl being harassed and humiliated by boys.. how would you explain this stuff to her.

As a girl Dear Ummi do you approve of what the boys did. I didn’t find not a single word in your reply that sympathizes with the girl for what she has been through. You could have saved the religious paras for later.

Your reply got my blood boiling not cause what you said was wrong… You were right of course. But because you missed the most crucial point here, A GIRL BEING ABUSED You quoted hadith in support of your answer.

Let me quote one too:

In a hadith, the Prophet (SAW) is reported as having said: “And the eyes commit zina (adultery). Their zina is gazing.”
He (SAW) commanded Ali (AS) said: “Ali! Do not look once after another, for the first look is for you (since it happens accidentally) while the second is against you.”

Coming back to my point, be it people of any religion. The main thing is your conscience. I don’t want to judge people here. But I hope you have heard the quote that your freedom stops at the tip of your nose. You can do whatever you want with YOURSELF, not with OTHERS.

If she is dressing inappropriately, it is between her and Allah. She is mature enough to make her decisions and if in case she is not mature enough, its her parents/guardians who can guide her, when they don’t feel the need to do so (because obviously its her choice AND she is not abusing harming or harassing anybody by wearing what IS decent and NOT revealing or vice versa too… it really doesn’t matter). If you feel she has opted Jahanam over Jannah let it be her decision. What should be the point of concern is that who gave those sick minded boys the right to comment and abuse and harass any girl/boy. Do they own the right?

Islam teach us to learn, to broaden our thinking of course in the right way… It’s not the dressing that created an issue here in this case, it’s the thinking.

And let me come to the point where you said that there are no rapes in Islamic countries. If you go by the numbers yes there are less REPORTED RAPES in Islamic countries cause of the reasons obvious.

There are a lot of unreported rapes, rapes that go unnoticed, and what about the rape count of Kashmir. Do you think those girls were dressed inappropriately, because sweetheart, most of the rape victims in J&K are minors. They have nothing to reveal or show off.

lol.. You know both of you writers made me think of boys as robots like there comes this girl wearing jeans and there is this trigger that they pull and boys run after them, like Allah (SWT) has not blessed those boys with enough brains to mind their own business.

Is religion and morality and decency and other heavy thunderous words for girls only. Is it not the responsibility of boys to behave as a human. Can’t they control their loosely held emotions and vulgar feelings. Is it that a girl wearing jeans can be a reason that they get carried away. So easily ehn.

Speak of Islam, doesn’t Islam asks a boy to NOT look again towards any girl.. like there shouldn’t be any second gaze (as quoted in the hadith above). Is Islam just for girls, if not then where is your “nasihat” for those boys.

Or is it that you don’t find them guilty of anything.

P.S: Now if you want to prove your point by saying that you were showing her the light of deen and the right path, the path towards Jannah… Then dear authors we have to correct people secretly not openly. That’s what Islam says. As you see, both of you replied to a viral post.

A post on Facebook where you could have opted to message her SECRETLY and teach her the teachings that you opted to teach her PUBLICLY *PERIOD*.

Liah Qureshi

The author is a national journalist.

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