SANJY-2017- Snippets of Some Good Work Done By CRPF in Kashmir

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Srinagar | Aug 18:

  1. Ct /Carpenter Ramesh Kumar, 181 Bn coy was deployed in Baltal for managing Law & Order duty IN c/w SANJY-2017. On 29th June, 2017, while he was returning after performing the darshan of Baba Amarnath at holy Cave, he saw that there was a make-shift narrow wooden foot bridge constructed to let a stream under it providing passage to the yatris as well. When he was crossing the bridge, he observed that some stones along with water are also falling down. In the meantime, two pilgrims were also returning riding the horses. He yelled at them to be watchful of the falling stones but owing to the loud noise of water fall, they couldn’t listen to his warnings. Both horses were together and when they were crossing that narrow bridge a stone hit one of the horse forcing him to lose his control. Since, both the horses were together, second horse also got out of control and consequently, both the pilgrims fell down from horses in the glacier stream which was flowing below the wooden bridge. On seeing this accident, he immediately ran towards the falling pilgrims without caring about his life and managed to catch hold their hands. After putting up a lot of effort, he managed to pull both of them up safely. Both pilgrims got extremely scared but he motivated them and also offered them some water to drink. It was a proud moment for him being a member of CRPF he could singlehandedly extend some real time help to the people caught in an accident.
  1. Force No. 015233736 Ct/GD Dharmender Kumar, 181 Bn coy was deployed in Baltal for managing Law & Order duties in c/w SANJY-2017. The coy performed their duties with full dedication & put their best to provide all needful assistance to the pilgrims in case of any contingency. In an specific incident which occurred on 16th July 2017, during night time, approximately at 0130 hours the coy personnel heard a loud sound and after duly observing the surrounding area, they found out that a vehicle has met with an accident on top of the mountainous road. Realising that someone is in great trouble, Subedar Major and Quick Action Team of the coy rushed to the incident site. After reaching there, they saw a Maruti Swift car has fallen in a gorge. The matter was immediately reported to the Commandant, 181 Bn and without wasting anytime, we rescued the drivers from the clutches of that gorge and shifted him to the hospital by carrying him in an improvised stretcher which was prepared tying the snow coats which we all were wearing at that time. We tried our best to rush him to the hospital which was 100 meter away but unfortunately, the accident was very severe and the life of that person could not be saved.
  1. Shri shiv bahor patel, Asstt. Comdt was commanding a coy at Manigam Distt. Ganderbal (J&K) in c/w SANJY-2017 duties. He established the Yatri base camp at Manigam as a Coy Commander of E/54 bn and provided foolproof security to all the yatris during SANJY-2017. He also established a Medical camp at Manigam which provided medical treatment to 3138 patients (2626 male and 512 female). On 2nd July, 2017, some yatris belonging to Gurdaspur distt. met with an accident at Sumbal and all of them were given free of cost medical treatment for 02 days at Manigam hospital and were safely dispatched back to their destination with all needful assistance. On 9th July, in an other incident, one yatri bus from Ahmedabad, Gujarat went off-road, owing to some defect in the vehicle, near Gund, On hearing this news, he immediately contacted the yatris and arranged the comfortable stay of 38 yatris providing all basic amenities for one week at Manigam base camp and also arranged transportation for them for return journey.
  1. Force No. 831190129 SI/GD Ramanand Yadav while performing SANJY-2017 duty at Rangmore distt. Ganderbal (J&K) duly assisted his Coy Comdr in establishing the yatri base camp at Rangamore as a Platoon/QAT commander of E/54 Bn CRPF. He ensured fool-proof security arrangements for the yatris and ensured medical assistance as well. On 19th July, 2017, one yatra bus from Andhra Pradesh carrying 07 male members and 04 females arrived at yatri camp, Rangamore. The yatris informed him that the person who was heading the group, namely Shri A yashu Ratnam, lost his bag at Lal Chowk, Srinagar while shopping. The bag was carrying all their valuable belongings including the Mobile phones and money to meet the yatra expenses. On hearing this, HE immediately informed the matter to the seniors officers and on their directions, reported the matter to the police and arranged for their darshan dropping them upto Domail in CRPF vehicles. They were duly assisted after their darshan by handing over some money to them which was collected by CRPF coy personnel and arranging for their return journey in return yatra convoy. The yatris appreciated their efforts a lot and praised the ethos of CRPF which made all of us proud of the Force.
  1. Force No. 115264312 HC/GD Gyan Singh performed yatri base camp security duty at Manigam during SANJY-2017. Besides providing security and medical arrangements to the yatris, it was also reported that he along with other coy personnel arranged for the stay and food arrangements for all the yatris who arrived for darshan after 25th July, 2017 since by that time all bhandaras got closed at Manigam. All the yatris appreciated their noble gesture and expressed their sincere gratitude to CRPF which made all of them very proud of their Force.

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