Why you should not miss reading this poem ‘Shotgun’

Written by

Birjais Zahira


So she had a gun,

But did it shoot,

Or was it a broken toy,

She didn’t know


But she got a gun

One day when she slept

The world changed

She had to locate her eyes


She had to see for herself

But then again she was shot

It’s been gloomy, blinded

The curtains of her room


Spoke about darkness, how sad.

But she still got a gun

They said it was double barreled

She didn’t know


Yet when it fired

It lit shrapnel inside

A little boy, they said

He died that day


She blamed the gun

She cursed it ahead

Still she smiled

Because it was okay,

And that she couldn’t see.


So it didn’t matter

If she bought a gun

Somebody was to see

And the rest closed the curtains.


The author is a research scholar in Kashmir university and is  currently residing in Srinagar. She is also an active blogger and a poet.  The author has done her master’s in mass communication and journalism. 

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