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Is it safe to travel to Kashmir? Here’s what travellers say.

Pack your bags

Compiled by Sameer Showkin Lone

October 28:

Kashmir is surrounded by beautiful lakes and stunning snow capped valleys and adorned with beautiful houseboats and floating markets. This beautiful valley is situated on the banks of the river Jhelum river and known as the ‘Paradise on Earth’. Kashmir is a dream destination for people. The Must visit places in Kashmir are Sonmarg, Gulmarg, Pahalgam and Dal Lake. A relaxing Shikara ride in Dal Lake is the most interesting activity in Srinagar.

Is it Safe to travel to Kashmir?

Despite of being a highly militarized area, Kashmir especially tourist places like Srinagar, Gulmarg, Pahalgam and Sonamarg are completely safe. The Kashmir is as it best and considered safe as any other tourist places in India. For many years there has been not even a single instance when a tourist visiting the valley hurt or ill treated by locals or militants. As the tourism is the main source of income locals treat the tourists as their guests and take the responsibility towards safeguard of tourists visiting the valley.

How to reach Kashmir?

Kashmir is one of the hottest tourist attractions of India. the picture perfect valleys and snow covered mountain ranges, Mughal garden, floating markets and world famous Dal Lake make Kashmir a wonderful tourist places which attracts not only travelers from all parts of the country.

Majority of Kashmir Packages start from Srinagar, the summer capital of Jammu & Kashmir, and also a very famous tourist spot among holiday seekers of Kashmir valley who want to enjoy their honeymoons or just vocation that remain engraved in their memories for a lifetime.

Tourists stay in Kashmir is further enriched by experiences such as the Shikara ride on Dal Lake and historical gardens like Mughal Gardens, and ancient temples like Shankaracharya and the most famous mosques in Kashmir, the Hazratbal Shrine and Jama Masjid. Apart from these tourist attractions of Kashmir, travelers are attracted to the famous handicraft and carpet industry and indigenous wool products.

Best Season to Visit Kashmir: March to October is the best season to Visit Kashmir. November to January is snow fall season and peak season is the period from April to June.

December-January period is perfect for those who want to experience the chill of Kashmir winter. This period is best for honeymoon packages as they can explore the white snow valleys and foggy mornings. This period is not recommended for those who can’t bear the extreme chill.

What people think?

Pawan Rajwal
Pawan Rajwal, Assistant Engineer


There is nothing to worry to visit Srinagar and Kashmir because there are 4 districts in which things get complicated and you have nothing to do with that as the main attractions and beauties are free from any kind of fear.

So pack your bags and enjoy your trip. Tourism is the only hope to bring back normalcy in Kashmir.

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Abhishek Hooda, studied at Army Public School Dagshai

Answered Jan 22

Yes it is always safe to visit Kashmir always. Ground reality is not what it is shown. Media and Govt always manipulate situations for their own benefit and common man is far away from reality.

There is the tourism video of Kashmir produced by J Walton thomosn and lyrics of songs were written by IAS officer Shah ( Kashmiri himself) .

Now you have the basic idea of hospitality of Kashmiri locals and trust me Kashmir is warmest place on the earth and Kashmiris too. Best of luck and do explore Kashmir asap.

Devesh Joshi, works at Footloosedev.com

Answered Mar 29

Though it is safe to travel in Srinagar, you still feel a bit of uneasiness in the city, with all those army people laden with their AK47. I travelled Srinagar last year and stayed in the town for a week, but I just couldn’t explore it like a backpacker as I often explore a city. The town suffocated in its own way!

Tausif Ahmad, lived in Jammu and Kashmir

Answered Jan 11

Yes it is definitely safe. It has always been safe for tourists. Never heard of any harm done to any tourist in recent past. Kashmir and it’s people are greatly misunderstood due to false media propaganda. Don’t believe the exaggerated news reporting of our media and visit the heaven on earth. It’s one of the most beautiful places on earth and one of the most hospitable people you will ever come across. Happy Holidaying!!!


This is post my recent visit to J&K. The place is beautiful no doubt, but surely not worth a risk. Kinda 3 days you feel Persians ready to attack.  Leh, Himachal and high areas of Uttarakhand and much much more easily approachable, habitable and civilized as a society.

Petty crimes like pick pocketing, cab overcharge, or a non-printed bill happen in the best of cities, but the vibes in Kashmir are not good.

Ahmad Suhail, studied Media Communication at University of Kashmir (2018).

Originally Answered: Is Srinagar in Kashmir safe for tourists in 2018?

“Of course it’s safe, no issue if there are disputes in the pockets of Kashmir  but you will be rendered with kindness and Kashmiri people won’t let you resent ,believe me. Let me elaborate my answer:

If my memory serves me correctly, Kashmir has the lowest crime rate in India and hence is the safe place. Indeed Kashmiris want freedom but there is lot of respect in their hearts for travelers, tourists from anywhere. You can gather the info from those who had visited Kashmir and obviously you will get the positive answer.

So best of luck ,Go and visit.

Naiem Bhat, former Doctor at New Delhi

Yes very safe…fact is Kashmir has always been very safe to tourists…and Kashmiri people really respect them.

It’s only the false reporting by media, that the situation seems very tense…otherwise whatever be the situation tourists have always been safe in Kashmir.

Aaqib Javid, studied at Islamic University of Science & Technology, Awantipora

Anytime anywhere everything is more than OK… people are best amongst the others if compared… hospitality is famous worldwide… the actual crime rate is close to zero, yes that is true. But take a certain precaution as u don’t know the political situation there try not to get into debates.. it might get a bit wrong.. without this everything is more than OK.. u would love it.. anything more to ask feel free

Amir Syed, Director

For tourists Kashmir is safe because Kashmiri people are against injustice, civilian killings and repression from India and from its forces.

Most tourists felt it as their home and not an Indian part. Most tourists shared their views about friendly nature of Kashmiri people, hospitality.

Kashmir is the only state in India which has 0% crime record against Tourists. Other Indian states have more than 10%.

Pack your bags and visit Kashmir!

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