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This image tests how stressed you are! Really?

An optical illusion has sent internet into a tizzy after claims emerged that its movement can determine a person’s stress level. The viral image’s caption explains that the image appears still to those with no stress while it moves slightly if the person is slightly stressed. And to those who are very stressed, the image appears to be moving like a carousel.

According BBC, the viral post said the optical illusion was created by Japanese neurologist, Yamamoto Hashima. But an investigation by Snopes recently revealed that the optical illusion was actually created by a Ukrainian illustrator named Yurii Perepadia and it has nothing to do with how stressed you are, quoted NDTV reports.

“I drew this optical illusion in Adobe Illustrator on September 26, 2016. To create it, I used the effect of Akioshi Kitaoka,” the 50-year-old illustrator explained on Instagram.

He wrote: “Japanese psychotherapist Yamamoto Hashima has nothing to do with this picture. Moreover, Yamamoto Hashima does not really exist.” Perepadia told BBC that after the first fake post, the optical illusion soon became viral. “I first saw this fake post on Facebook and then they began to appear everywhere,” BBC quoted Perepadia as saying.

Added that he is now happy that people have realised that the claims are false, the artist said, “When people found out I was the author of this picture, it helped me bring out the truth.”

Meanwhile the image has got many internet users into believing that it is a ‘stress test’, reported Daily Mail. One Twitter user wrote: ‘My gf (girlfriend) saw this and asked why it was moving so fast. I’m scared to tell her now’. While another added: ‘Apparently I’m very stressed. It moved like a carousel as soon as I looked at it’.

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