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This Kashmiri Teacher’s unique way to convince his reluctant students to come school

You can't deal such students with anger or punishment

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Kupwara (North Kashmir) | Nov 29: Down the memory lane, most of us remember the one teacher in our school or college who has left behind a lifelong impression in our lives, sometimes even to the extent of moulding it.

Different teachers employ different means to ignite the spark of learning amidst children and sometimes, some of them even go the extra mile to make sure that spark remains for a lifetime.

This teacher uses his own way to get students to school.

Headmaster Girls Middle School, Wadipora Rajwar village in North Kashmir’s Kupwara  Manzoor Ahmad employs his own ways and means to convince his students to study hard and perform better in exams.

Working as a teacher for the past three decades before he was elevated to the post of a headmaster just a few years ago, he believes that even the most stubborn student can be won over if approached with kindness and patience.

Every morning he goes door to door of every student house to ensure they attend the school.

“The students, who come to our school, come from extremely underprivileged backgrounds, economically. There are 150 students enrolled in my school,” said Manzoor Ahmad.

“They are not ambitious and find it very difficult to find the will to study. You can’t deal with such students with anger or punishment, what they need is for someone to show them some compassion,” he explained.

If only there were more teachers like headmaster GMS Wadipora, a greater number of students across the Valley would be genuinely driven to learn and thus transform our entire education system.

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